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Watch: The New Orleans Breakfast Dish That Makes a Hangover Worth It

Eggs Hussarde is eggs Benedict — with one major upgrade

At Brennan's, a classic New Orleans establishment that's graced the French Quarter since 1946, one added ingredient transforms an ordinary plate of eggs Benedict into something else entirely. On this episode of The Meat Show, host and professional carnivore Nick Solares orders up a plate of eggs Hussarde, the brunch item he deems "the perfect hangover food, a reason to be hungover again."

Eggs Hussarde is a Brennan's invention, a rich and meaty riff on eggs Benedict that makes it hard to return to the original. The traditional components all show up — English muffin, hollandaise sauce, poached egg — but are bolstered by the presence of house-cured Canadian bacon, mushrooms, and a glossy marchand de vin, or veal stock and red wine sauce. In one of the restaurant's glamorously old school dining rooms, Solares cleans the plate, waxing poetic about the egg dish that changed breakfast for him forever.

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