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Watch: These Dishes Were Engineered to Be Instagram Stars

NYC’s Broome Street is full of intrepid diners doing it for the ‘gram

Just because your snapshot of a dish racks up a ton of likes doesn't mean that the food tastes as great as it looks — does it? On this episode of Consumed, Eater NY associate editor Patty Diez and the video team traverse what is perhaps New York City's most Instagrammable thoroughfare: Broome Street, a popular downtown strip that intersects a number of neighborhoods and is dotted with places to practice your amateur food photography skills.

Diez chats with the owners and samples the wares at a number of Broome Street's most social media-popular locations: Cha Cha Matcha, home to verdant lattes and fro-yo swirls; Greecologies, a cafe where Greek yogurt takes center stage; Seamore's, a beachy seafood spot; and Mimi Cheng's, a sister-owned and picture-perfect dumpling shop. Each space has what it takes to capture an idyllic image, but does it pass a taste test?

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