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Watch: Taco Bell’s Fried Chicken Shell Is Too Much for Trevor Noah

“This is a sign America’s got too much food"

Faux Mexican food chain Taco Bell is pushing the boundaries of innovation, releasing a taco with fillings inside a shell made out of fried chicken. Is this necessary? No. Will Taco Bell make a fortune off the new menu item? Of course. In this video, Daily Show host Trevor Noah, a native of South Africa, offers his incredulous take on this development.

"OK, America, what the fuck?" Noah understandably asks in the video. "But I'm sorry, this is how you know America's got too much food. You guys are putting food in a container made out of food. Even the Chick-fil-A cow is like, 'Yo, I wanted you to eat more chicken, but not like this. Not like this.'"

If Noah is this taken aback by "food in a container made out of food," there's no telling how he would react to a pizza served inside a box made out of pizza.

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