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Jude Law Says Shake Shack Has the Best Milkshake in New York

The ‘Young Pope’ star is clearly hoping for an endorsement deal

'The Young Pope' Madrid Premiere Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Proving celebrities’ palates are just like everyone else’s, except probably more used to consuming mass quantities of free caviar, Jude Law has found the best milkshake in New York: the chocolate shake at Shake Shack.

The Young Pope star went on Live! with Kelly on Thursday morning to discuss his latest role, and the topic quickly turned to food and where the actor likes to eat when he’s in New York. He attempted to name-drop the new Keith McNally restaurant (that’s Augustine, Jude, not Angeline) before discussing his quest for the city’s best milkshake.

The victor? Shake Shack, which the audience predictably goes crazy for. “Okay, I want free shakes now, Shake Shack,” Law says into the camera. Sorry Jude, Danny Meyer was probably too busy dropping wisdom on the history of tipping to be watching daytime television. Ripa then insists her favorite shake is a Wendy’s Frosty, which is a) not actually a milkshake and b) completely incorrect.

Watch Law attempt to secure a Shake Shack endorsement deal, below:

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