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Watch: Gus Fring Guarantees You’ll Love Los Pollos Hermanos’ New Curly Fries

Brace for ‘Better Call Saul’ season three

Hey look, here’s a commercial for a friendly-looking fast-food restaurant that serves wholesome fried chicken “prepared with love and care”! Look how smiley the workers are! You should definitely take your family here.

JK, it’s just a promo for the third season of Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, which will apparently feature the backstory of Los Pollos Hermanos founder/meth kingpin super-villain Gus Fring. (There’s no premiere date yet, but stay tuned.)

And while Los Pollos Hermanos only exists on TV for now, Breaking Bad and Better call Saul creator Vince Gilligan said last year in a Reddit AMA that an IRL location of the fictional chicken chain could actually be happening.

For now, fans will have to be content with visiting the Twisters burrito restaurant in New Mexico that served as a filming location, or a Breaking Bad-inspired coffee shop in Bushwick, Brooklyn that features a hazmat yellow interior and drinks served in beakers. The show has also inspired a pop-up RV cocktail bar in London.

Los Pollos Hermanos - Taste the Family! [YouTube]
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