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Jeff Sessions Likes Dairy Queen, Which Apparently Makes Him a Good Guy

An aide testified to congress that the would-be attorney general loves Blizzards

Sen. Jeff Sessions Testifies At His Senate Confirmation Hearing To Become Country's Attorney General
“What does an Attorney General nominee have to do to get a Blizzard around here?”
Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions is President-elect Donald Trump’s nominee to become the next United States Attorney General. This, despite the fact that members of Congress in the 1980s determined he was too racist to become a federal judge. What has changed in the 30 years since Ronald Regan nominated Sessions for the bench? It seems he has come to enjoy eating at Dairy Queen and Johnny Rockets with William Smith, former chief counsel for the Senate Judiciary Committee. Smith happens to be African-American.

Smith offered testimony at Sessions’ confirmation hearing on Wednesday, praising his former boss’ character and noting the two have shared meals at both restaurant chains. He even knows what the senator likes to order: “We’ve eaten Johnny Rockets burgers together,” Smith revealed. “I’ve watched him order a Heath Blizzard at Dairy Queen — quote, ‘heavy on the Heath.’” Well, if Sessions goes big on his Heath Blizzards, how can he be racist? Believe it or not, some people aren’t convinced.

Smith said most people who are attacking Sessions’ character “haven’t spent 30 minutes in the same room with him,” and he’s defended the senator’s views on race multiple times in recent days. However, Sessions’ last confirmation hearing told a different story. One Justice Department employee testified that Sessions labeled the ACLU and NAACP as “un-American” and “Communist-inspired” organizations that “forced civil rights down the throats of people,” according to the New Republic. In 1985, Sessions failed to convict three civil rights workers on charges of voter fraud. His investigation into African-American absentee voters found a mere 14 ballots from the 1984 election that were allegedly tampered — out of 1.7 million.

But, hey, Jeff Sessions is a big fan of that Heath Blizzard. Maybe he can help James Crichton, a Dairy Queen franchisee who is in the process of losing his location following a racist tirade, pick up another store.

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