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Watch: How to Make Apple Pie That Glows in the Dark

An illuminating recipe

There is absolutely nothing bad about pie, except maybe one minor thing: It doesn’t glow in the dark. Until now, that is. A blog called Pies Are Awesome just took pie-making to the next level, unveiling a glowing pie crust that could come in handy for your next potluck rave.

Pie maker (and filmmaker) Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin features intricate cut-out crusts and designs on her blog, and her latest creation draws its inspiration from the glowing world of the movie Tron. She takes advantage of the luminescent properties of tonic water and boils it with agar agar to create a glowing gel that she then pipes into cut-out sections of the pie crust.

In addition to blogging about her pies, Clark-Bojin sells stencils to help bakers make pie crusts decorated with unicorns and ninja bunnies, a project she funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

Pies Are Awesome [Official Site]
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