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Hail Mary: 2Pac-Themed Pop-Up Lands in California

It’s the 20th anniversary of the rapper’s death

Black-and-white photo of Tupac Shakur 2pac/Facebook

Next week marks exactly two decades since the unsolved murder of Tupac Shakur, and the iconic rapper is being honored with... a pop-up restaurant?

The 2pac-inspired Powamekka Cafe is a one-day-only affair to be held Tuesday, September 13 at Fresno, California’s Fulton Mall, reports the blog 2DopeBoyz. Menu items will include “a California Love Chicken Sandwich, Hennessy Apple Butter chicken wings, a Mac-and-Cheeseburger and Thug Passion cake pops, which are decadent champagne cakes coated with Alizé butter cream frosting.”

While cake pops might seem like a strange way to pay tribute to 2pac, the concept is actually modeled after the rapper’s own vision: “Before his death, Tupac sketched ideas for a cookbook and restaurant based on his own recipes, as well as contributions from other musicians,” Rolling Stone explains.

The mac-and-cheese burger and the cake pops were presumably not part of 2pac’s original plan, considering those trends didn’t take shape until Pac had been dead for more than a decade. At any rate, that California Love chicken sandwich looks like ideal Instagram bait thanks to that perfect sauce drip.

The Powamekka Cafe is hardly the most unusual pop-up to emerge recently: Others have centered around prison food, bunnies, dining in the buff, Breaking Bad, and Cadbury creme eggs, just to name a few.

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