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Don’t Give Up Your Favorite Summer Produce, Pickle It!

Why chuck ‘em when you can keep them year round?

Today, our friends at ChefSteps present a way to keep the bright produce of summer around all year long: pickling. With a little heat and the help of a sous vide tool, any fruit or vegetable can stay at peak freshness and crunch-levels for months after it stops showing up at the farmers market.

ChefSteps co-founder Grant Crilly uses Joule, ChefSteps' sous vide apparatus, to pickle his produce. As opposed to the standard pressure-cooking method, sous vide works canning magic at a lower temperature (which maintains the fruit or vegetable's crunch), and is virtually hands-free. Just prep your favorite produce in the brine of your choice, set the temperature to 140 degrees for two and half hours, and walk away. Watch the video above for a visual how-to from Crilly, and find the full pickling recipe (plus a bunch of brine options for whatever flavor you're feeling) on their website, here.

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