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Cool Dad Barack Obama Sips Fresh Coconut Water in Laos

So on-trend

Say what you will about his dad jeans, but Barack Obama is decidedly on-trend when it comes to beverages. Under his tutelage, the White House has eschewed dated Mr. Coffee machines for Chemex brewers — engraved with the presidential seal, natch — and now, POTUS has taken to Instagram to express his affection for coconut water.

But regular old packaged coconut water won’t do for the leader of the free world; no, the President goes straight to the source. Earlier this week while visiting Laos, he hit up the Luang Prabang street market and sampled a local specialty, sipping from a fresh green coconut with a straw.

A taste of life in Laos.

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If you squint a little, Obama could be just another hungover vacationer sporting dark sunglasses and trying to soak up some electrolytes via this tasty refreshment. In fact, he actually just became the first sitting president to visit the country of Laos after attending the G20 summit in China.

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