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Watch: Traveling 5,000 Miles to Make a Cup of Coffee From Scratch

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Is the trip worth it?

For the average coffee drinker, it isn't too difficult to procure that morning cup to start the day. Make a quick trip to a local cafe or set the automatic timer on your countertop coffeemaker, and you're there. But, How to Make Everything's Andy George wanted to find out exactly what goes into his coffee, so he made a cup completely from scratch. That meant 5,000 miles of travel and several days of work. This video details his journey.

George previously learned how to pick the right coffee beans, roast, and brew to achieve his optimal beverage. With that knowledge gained, he traveled to Oaxaca, Mexico, to pick his own beans and dry them in the sun. Upon returning home, he applied a medium roast in a cast iron skillet and brewed a pour-over cup using a sock as a filter. Was the process worth it?

"It tastes — it's all right," George says of the final product. "It was kind of an inconsistent roast. It kind of left it with an interesting mix." Better luck next time, Andy.

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