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'A Chef's Life' Season 4 Premieres This Sunday; Here's a Sneak Peek

Vivian Howard returns to your television

A Chef's Life, the award-winning PBS documentary series that follows the exploits of North Carolina chef and restaurateur Vivian Howard, returns for its fourth season this Sunday, September 10. One of the most anticipated food shows of the fall, the new episodes will chronicle Howard's first attempt at writing a cookbook, plus the growing travel schedule that comes with her increased fame.

While a greater focus of the show will be away from the kitchen, A Chef's Life will continue to feature Howard shining a light on the ingredients she finds in and around the small town of Kinston. In this early look, she turns her attention to spring onions.

"We generally think of onions as a building block for a dish, but scallions can really be the centerpiece of a dish," Howards says in the scene. "Because they have a mild, pleasant aroma, texture, and flavor that I like to see them more out in front than in the background."

In addition to the above preview, PBS has released two more sneak peeks: a few shots from this week's episode and a look at the season as a whole. Watch the videos above and below, and check your local listings to see when A Chef's Life will air this Sunday.

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