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Aging Beef in Whiskey: Good Idea or the Best Idea?

At NYC's Beatrice Inn, the steak is infused with Jack Daniel's

What goes better with aged beef than whiskey? This week on The Meat Show, host and professional carnivore Nick Solares is joined by Consumed’s Kat Odell at the Beatrice Inn, a chophouse in New York’s West Village. The pair sample some uniquely aged steak from the restaurant’s chef and now owner, Angie Mar.

Mar’s steak is aged in whiskey-saturated rags, imparting all the flavor of the Jack Daniel's she uses into the meat and none of the boozy bite. She picked up the technique — which also maintains more of the cut's original mass than traditional dry-aging — from a Parisian butcher whom she credits with preparing the steak that changed her life and began her love affair with aged beef. Watch the video above to see Solares and Odell sample Mar's 127-day whiskey-aged cut.

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