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Watch: Jacques Pépin Demonstrates Classic Kitchen Techniques

Learn from a master

Mad Feed, a Copenhagen-based non-profit that is the brainchild of Noma chef René Redzepi, collaborated with chef Jacques Pépin for an informational demonstration at MAD 5. Pépin regaled the audience with stories of his time in French kitchens in the 1950s, examples of traditional techniques, and some light-hearted chatter.

As the French chef deboned a chicken, he shared pieces of wisdom from his time in the industry.

"For me, first you have to be a craftsman," he said, emphasizing that repetition is the key for learning how to perfect a craft. "If you're a good craftsman, then you can run a restaurant."

He prepared a chicken galantine, then cooked an omelette. Pépin is no stranger to cooking demonstrations: Last fall, he launched a cooking show called Jacques Pépin: Heart & Soul for KQED, in which members of his family, including his daughter and granddaughter, joined him in the kitchen.

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