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A Doritos Burger Was Inevitable; Starbucks Spreads Bagel Balls Across the Land

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Five things to know today

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Bagel balls with a Starbucks cup Bantam Bagels/Facebook

Could the White House one day be home to a Starbucks? Maybe not, but CEO Howard Schultz continues to tease that he may one day run for the highest office in the land. In the meantime, he’ll settle for voting for Hillary Clinton, with the outspoken billionaire telling CNN today "it's obvious [she] needs to be the next president."

In today’s food news: Starbucks continues to expand its breakfast offerings; South Korea has Shake Shack fever; Amazon restaurant delivery makes its way across the pond; A.V. Club launches a new food vertical; and a Doritos burger has arrived.

— Starbucks is rolling out bagel balls nationwide. The cream cheese-stuffed orbs made by New York’s Bantam Bagels were first introduced in late 2015 — and their similarity to Milk Bar’s bagel bombs did not go unnoticed by David Chang. Nonetheless, they’ll now be available at 7,000 stores across the U.S.

— Nearly two months after it opened, the hype surrounding Korea’s first Shake Shack has not died down. The Seoul Shake Shack reportedly ”serves an average of 3,000 customers daily, which works out to about four burgers per minute.”

— Amazon is launching its restaurant delivery service in London, where it’s promising no hidden fees and delivery times of an hour or less. The service will go head-to-head against other delivery companies like UberEats, but it’s only be available to Amazon Prime subscribers.

— The A.V. Club, the non-satirical entertainment website owned by The Onion, has launched a new food section called Supper Club. The site promises to “celebrate both high and low foods with equal respect,” so expect equal parts Filet-o-Fish and Brandy Old-Fashioned.

— After unleashing the Whopperito on unsuspecting Americans, Burger King is forcing a burger topped with Doritos down the throats of Spanish customers. The Steakhouse Doritos Burger consists of two meat patties smothered in American cheese, with lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise, plus a handful of Doritos. What kind of steakhouse would serve this, exactly?