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Drake Got in a Fight With His Fictional Girlfriend at Cheesecake Factory

Doesn't she know he loves to eat there?

Grammy-winning rapper Drake has already made his love of Cheesecake Factory well known. He rhymes about the chain on latest album Views, and he recently enjoyed a meal at a Houston outpost. He enjoys the chain so much, it's the setting of a long and uncomfortable scene in his new music video for "Child's Play."

"Why you gotta fight with me at Cheesecake?" Drake raps in the song. "You know I love to go there." And just who is it causing the trouble, pray tell? No, it isn't Rihanna. In this video, it's supermodel Tyra Banks. Apparently Banks wants to fight at Cheesecake because Drake has been getting a little too friendly with someone else. Seems like a fair reason.

As if confrontation at his favorite restaurant isn't bad enough, Drake ends the scene covered in cheesecake and wine. Tyra Banks does not tolerate infidelity.

What's a millionaire to do when they've had their favorite chain restaurant ruined by an argument with a supermodel? A few drinks from a bottle of their own whiskey might ease the pain.

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