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This Restaurant Will Only Serve Gluten-Free Meals With a Doctor's Note

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Wheat-free diets, be damned

With the rise of celiac disease, an increase in gluten-free diets is to be expected. But then there are those people who shun gluten not because because their doctor told them to do so, but because it’s trendy. And that, according to a cafe owner in Dublin, cannot stand. In fact, the owner of White Moose Cafe says he will now require doctor’s notes from diners who order gluten-free items.

Owner Paul Stenson made the tongue-presumably-in-cheek announcement on his restaurant’s Facebook page over the weekend. It quickly attracted attention, garnering more than 33,000 likes and 6,000 shares.

**DOCTOR’S NOTE REQUIRED TO GET GLUTEN-FREE FOOD** This morning a girl asked us if we did gluten-free pancakes and when...

The White Moose Café 貼上了 2016年9月3日

Not everyone was amused. Several commenters took to Facebook to argue that the post was insensitive to those who have legitimate medical reasons for abstaining from gluten. Stenson, however, didn’t seem to care.

The day after his post went viral, Stenson returned to Facebook to explain that no, it was not a joke and yes, he was really serious (uh, maybe).

Dear Coeliacs, Quite a number of you are saying that yesterday's post "must be a joke" and that I couldn't possibly be...

The White Moose Café 貼上了 2016年9月4日

A number of chefs have expressed their displeasure with the rise of gluten-free diets. One noted example is Anthony Bourdain, who has stated that those who eat gluten-free for the sake of being trendy should perhaps "see a fucking doctor" before they make such a leap.

Others have been so incensed with special diets that they take matters a step further — as in the case of a chef who bragged about serving meat to vegans, and was promptly fired.

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