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Lego Vending Machine Dispenses All Your Greasy Fast-Food Cravings

It spits out actual Whoppers, fries, and soda


Anyone who's ever fantasized about a personal fast-food vending machine to satisfy cravings at a moment's notice need look no further — provided they're really good at building stuff out of Legos. The folks at Astonishing Studios, a YouTube channel dedicated to constructing candy machines and food-makers out of Legos, constructed a machine made entirely of the tiny plastic blocks that churns out Burger King Whoppers, Cokes, and fries.

As Gizmodo notes, the machine is powered by a Lego Mindstorms module hidden in the back, and includes a motorized cash slot which will collect five $1 bills before depositing the food — because Legos are fun and all, but cash is king.

This isn’t the first time the mad scientists at Astonishing Studios have worked their LEGO magic on fast food. They’ve built a number of other machines fueled by greasy drive-thru fare, including a Chicken McNugget dispenser and a McDonald’s french fry machine.

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