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Watch: Bacon Reigns Supreme at This Toronto Sandwich Shop

What IS peameal bacon, really?

Welcome to the debut episode of season six of Dining on a Dime, coming to you from beautiful Toronto, Canada. For his first international DoD excursion, host Lucas Peterson samples something truly unique to "The Six" — a peameal bacon sandwich from Rashers.

Peameal bacon, which is back bacon rolled in cornmeal, gets its name from an earlier version of the preparation, when the meat was rolled in ground peas for preservation purposes. Toronto is known for sandwiches made with juicy slices of this bacon variety — created by British entrepreneur and immigrant to Toronto Williams Davies — and for being a major producer of pork products in general, earning the city the nickname of "Hogtown." Get ready to watch Peterson indulge in several amazing bacon sandwiches at Rashers, and enjoy this season of Dining on a Dime.

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