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Watch: Making Noodles by Hand in the Udon Capital of Japan

Chef Chris Jaeckle shows host Nick Solares how it's done

This week, The Meat Show is moonlighting as The Udon Show, as host Nick Solares takes a break from his carnivorous travels through Japan to learn how to make the traditional wheat flour noodles at an udon production facility in Kagawa Prefecture, in the city of Takamatsu.

Kagawa is known for its local variety of udon, the incredibly popular Sanuki udon. Solares is joined for a lesson in making Sanuki noodles by New York City chef Chris Jaeckle, whose experience making pasta at All'Onda and Japanese cuisine at Uma Temakeria makes him the ideal udon-making companion. Watch the video above to see the two tackle the art of mixing, portioning, and rolling noodles under the tutelage of an instructor at Sanuki Mengyo, a facility in the "udon capital" of Japan where employees have been hand-crafting noodles for over 90 years.

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