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Hillary Clinton’s Diet; Weed-Infused Beer Is Coming

Six things to know today

Hillary Clinton Campaigns Ahead Of Indiana And North Carolina Primaries

Happy Friday, America. The Cronut has landed in Queen Elizabeth’s kingdom — will she wait in line to try a creation inspired by a French pastry and an American fritter? Something tells us she will be instead getting a special delivery. After all, Cronuts are probably really good with high tea.

In other food-adjacent news:

I Tried Hillary Clinton’s Diet and Now I Sympathize With Her:

The basic premise of Eat Fat, Get Thin! is that low-fat diets are contributing to obesity... As I read on, I realize that despite its unique and brilliant title, this diet is pretty restrictive. I start to feel even worse for poor H, whose husband — even though he’s ano now — used to eat Big Macs constantly when he was president. Dr. Mark also wants you to eliminate sugar, gluten, grains, dairy, and most fruits. A typical day looks like this: a smoothie with tons of oil and avocado in it, a salad with an oily fish (such as a sardine) on top of it for lunch, and a duck breast and steamed cauliflower for dinner. It sounds grim.

Speaking of diets, Alyssa Milano is on the Atkin’s diet and you’ll never see her dining solo at a restaurant bar:

I actually don’t like to eat alone. I think that has something to do with the fact that I’m Italian, and food is always about family and celebration and having meals. So if I’m alone, I’m much more likely to pick up a shake or a bar than I am to actually sit and have a meal by myself.

— Breaking news out of NYC: 79-year-old Carnegie Deli is closing its doors for good.

Why are so many of America’s sushi restaurants Chinese-owned?

Eric Zhou grew up in China’s Fujian province watching his father, an accomplished chef, whip up banquets of intricate Chinese dishes. But when Zhou moved to the United States and started working in a Chinese restaurant, he saw that his native cuisine was mostly considered cheap in this country, confined to greasy takeout counters and $7.95 lunch buffets. So Zhou edged his way into a much more lucrative industry: Japanese food.

Weed-infused beer might be sold nationwide as early as 2017.

Finally, just in time for the weekend, how to make the world’s tallest stack of pancakes according to an engineer:

To engineer a better pancake stack, we must first engineer a better pancake. The task at hand requires us to evolve beyond the fluffy, carefree flapjacks of our youth. Instead, we must optimize the pancake’s structural characteristics, even if that means sacrificing all palatability. Remember: nobody ever asks how A992 steel tastes.

Watch: Making Weed Cocktails