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Watch Joe Biden and Jimmy Fallon Bond Over Ice Cream Cones

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While wearing sunglasses, of course

The Obama administration's second term is drawing to a close, meaning we have just three and a half months left with our famous, ice cream-loving vice president Joe Biden. The VP, who recently tipped $20 on a $3 chocolate milkshake, went on The Tonight Show last night, and Jimmy Fallon lived out a fantasy that at least a handful of Americans probably share: recreating the famous photo in which Biden, sporting snazzy aviator shades, clutches a wad of cash and licks an ice cream cone.

Biden's love of ice cream is well-documented; he's been snapped licking cones and sipping milkshakes from Portland's Salt & Straw, Shake Shack in DC, and diners across the country, from upstate New York to South Carolina and San Francisco. (Clearly, Biden doesn't discriminate when it comes to frozen treats.)

Will the next VP, Tim Kaine or Mike Pence, carry on Biden's ice cream-loving legacy? So far we don't know too much about either candidate's eating habits, though Kaine clearly has a penchant for craft beer (and playing the harmonica after drinking it), and Pence loves eating at Chili's.

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