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Crystal Popsicles Are Definitely Bad for Your Teeth

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Ooooh, shiny

We’re well into football season, and baseball season will end for the majority of major league teams this weekend. The days are getting shorter and shorter. It’s fall. No more hot days at the beach, no more jolly tunes pumping out of the ice cream truck’s PA system.

But, maybe with the help of artist Daniel Jacob, we can make summer last a little longer. Jacob’s exhibit "Pops" is on display at the Affordable Art Fair in New York. It pays tribute to the frozen summertime treat.

Doesn’t that look good? You can almost feel the sun burn on your neck as you reach into the freezer, can’t you? Jacob creates his works with "crystals, stones, and other natural materials," and he shows them off on his Instagram account. The popsicles are made with 8,000 crystals sculpted on hard resin.

It’s not just popsicles that inspire the artist. Jacob has previously used stones and crystals to create sneakers, busts, animals, and more. His latest creations, however, are the most appetizing. Unfortunately, unlike some other culinary works, they aren't edible.

As the name suggests, the Affordable Art Fair aims to provide connoisseurs with unique works that don’t break the bank. It's running through this Sunday at New York's Metropolitan Pavilion.

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