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Anthony Bourdain's Literary Inspiration; In-N-Out Veggie Burger Outrage

Five things to know right now

Travel Channel, Kevin Vertucio/Flickr

Happy birthday to Cup Noodles: the broke-college-kid staple turns 45 years old today. Invented by Japanese businessman Momofuku Ando — why yes, that is where David Chang got the name from — the instant ramen boosted Japan’s economy post-WWII and transformed convenience foods forever. (There’s even a Cup Noodle museum in Japan.)

In today’s food news: Anthony Bourdain on one of his literary influences; some people are really losing sleep over the idea of an In-N-Out veggie burger; where Eataly might land next; and perhaps the eggiest video you’ve ever seen.

— 35,000 people have signed a petition urging In-N-Out to add a veggie burger to its menu, and an undetermined number of other people are extremely pissed about it. Opponents have declared the petitioners “soft vegan nerds,” “liberal candyasses,” and “delicate snowflakes,” among other insults. Chill out folks, it’s just fast food.

— If not for George Orwell, Anthony Bourdain may never have written the book that propelled him to fame. Writes Bourdain for Lucky Peach:Down and Out in Paris and London changed my life. It was the direct inspiration for Kitchen Confidential, the text I had in mind with every page.”

— This hot chili will punch you in the mouth, literally:

Italian megamarket Eataly might be headed to Atlanta. No deal has been finalized yet, and it sounds like the opening could be a couple years away — but it would mark yet another step in the company’s quest to spread fine Italian food across the globe.

— And now, a very cool egg video from Mind of a Chef that will likely leave you hankering for eggs benedict (or an omelette, or a Scotch egg, or...):