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Kanye West's Favorite Restaurants: An Unordered List

Including McDonald’s, of course

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The Spotted Pig/Getty Images

Thanks to a succinct tweet and a poem released with Frank Ocean’s album Blonde, the world is now acutely aware of Kanye West’s love for McDonald’s. Kim Kardashian’s husband, recording artist, and Taylor Swift heckler West apparently has a deep love for food — not to be outdone by the love he has for himself. As a famous and rich person, his go-to dining spots span the globe. Here is a list of the places Kanye has eaten at, previously owned, sung about, or otherwise professed his love for.

Waffle House
Pasquale Jones
Hurricane Club (now closed)
Negril Village
Spice Market
The Darby (now closed)
The Spotted Pig
Sushi Mikasa
Chalk Point Kitchen
Lure Fishbar
Lawry’s Prime Rib
British Raj
Shibuya Sushi
Valentino Chateau
ABC Kitchen

Not included: Whataburger, given the chain’s previous trolling of West on Twitter.

Fatburger might be out of the equation as well, after West severed ties with the California chain despite once harboring plans to open 10 around Chicago. He also once expressed interest in purchasing a number of Burger King franchises for his wife, Kim Kardashian West.

West also has a penchant for ice cream, and there’s even an ice cream festival named after him in New York. A beer named for a line in one of his songs is made by a brewery in Baltimore.

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