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Watch: Mastering the Art of Coleslaw at Skylight Inn BBQ

Chef Vivian Howard learns from Sam Jones, smokehouse master

In eastern North Carolina, whole hog is the star of the show at smokehouses such as Skylight Inn. But, it isn't the only component of a proper barbecue meal. In this video, chef Vivian Howard pays a visit to Skylight Inn to learn the secrets of its celebrated coleslaw.

Pete Jones opened the iconic restaurant in 1947, and these days his grandson Sam is in charge. When he first learned how to make the slaw, Sam Jones discovered it's far from an exact science. "I called my dad on the phone," he explains in the video. "Everything he told me was 'about.' 'Put about this of mustard, put about this of mayonnaise.' I thought there is no way I'm going to get this slaw right, but I guess the good lord was smiling upon me. We made it, and it tasted right."

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