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Watch: 2 Chainz Sips a $100 Cup of Cat Poop Coffee

Pinkies out

Unlike, say, fine wine lovers, coffee aficionados can typically drink the good stuff at home for relatively cheap; compared to a $5 latte at a coffee shop, brewing beans at home is a downright bargain. Unless, of course, you develop a taste for the world's priciest coffee, which is crapped out by an adorable jungle cat before finding its way to your cup.

In the latest installment of his aptly titled video series for GQ, "Most Expensivest Shit," 2Chainz gets a chance to taste the rare civet coffee. With beans running about $600 a pound, a single cup of the stuff can cost $50 to $100. Clearly, beans this prized shouldn't just be brewed in any old Mr. Coffee machine — instead, a coffee expert introduces the rapper to the ultra-expensive Blossom brewer. With the total price of this setup running almost $10,000, suddenly paying for those daily macchiatos doesn't seem so bad.

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