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Watch: Making Cute and Fluffy Tingmo, A Tibetan Steamed Bread

The Paowalla version is studded with chili garlic sprinkles

Tingmo is a traditional Tibetan steamed bread that is often rolled or folded into intricate shapes and served alongside spicy sauces or hearty stews. Unlike momos, which are tingmos filled with meat, regular tingmos are plain or just slightly seasoned, the perfect accompaniment to the flavorful food of the Indian subcontinent and surrounding region.

At Paowalla, a restaurant in New York's Soho neighborhood helmed by chef Floyd Cardoz, tingmo is made with sprinkles of chili garlic, and folded into a delicate rose shape. "Paowalla" is a loose translation of a word with Hindi and Portuguese roots, meaning "a person who makes and sells bread" — a profession that Cardoz celebrates by serving traditional baked goods such as kulcha, naan, tingmo, and pao. Watch the video above to see how Cardoz and the Paowalla team make their tingmo buns in house.

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195 Spring Street, Manhattan, NY 10012 (212) 235-1098