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Inside the Mind of Alton Brown; Pizza Emits Radiation

Five things to know right now

A thermal photograph of a slice of pizza.
A thermal photograph of a slice of pizza.
VSCO/Brea Souders

Last night the Republican and Democratic nominees for President of the United States debated in front of an enormous audience. Let fill you in on the winners and losers. Every media outlet was in attendance, and thanks to a well-placed tweet we know what they all ordered for dinner:

— Chefs couldn't help but chime in on Twitter during last night's debate. DC-based José Andrés, Trump nemesis and Obama BFF tweeted when Donald Trump mentioned hispanics:

Chicago-based chef Paul Kahan (Blackbird, Avec) on fact checking:

In other food and dining news:

— Thermal photography shows even pizza emits radiation. (See image, above.) The series of photographs of food emitting radiation was produced by photo app VSCO, and proves that thermal photography looks like something Warhol would like.

— Alton Brown, on the verge of a book release and live tour, is the subject of the New York Times' latest short profile. It's a far more in depth peek into Brown's science-minded persona than we've seen before. He shares a behind-the-scenes look into his childhood and personal life, his regrets, and his fears:

"Here's the problem with a book like this," he said during a day that had started with morning cocktails and bee-tending at the suburban Atlanta compound that serves as his studio, kitchen workshop and man cave. "If they don't like it, they don't like me."

— The price of beef is about to drop. According to Gizmodo's reading of the USDA's latest report, a price decline is on the way "thanks to changing conditions on the ranch. High feed prices are dropping, and the drought, although it's still on-going, has eased up slightly. This means that ranchers' cost of raising cows is falling. With cheaper herds, ranchers can raise more cows and send more beef out to the market. This will increase the amount of beef we eat, and it should lower the cost of beef by about 10 percent."

— Finally, watch Japan's bullet train deliver sushi at light speed: