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Sampling Toronto’s Spiciest Indian Roti

Medium or hot: Choose wisely

The word roti typically refers to an unleavened flatbread from India; in this week’s episode of Dining on a Dime, however, host Lucas Peterson learns that it can also refer to a wrap stuffed with any number of different fillings. Today, Peterson heads to Gandhi Roti in Toronto's Queen West neighborhood to try one of the spiciest, cheapest, most filling meals in the city.

While its bready cousin naan is a leavened flatbread, the unleavened roti is thinner and flexible, making it ideal to create the roti wrap, an item that was popularized in the West Indies sometime in the mid-20th century. As Peterson discovers, the roti are tossed on the flat-top before being filled with various ingredients, from butter chicken to vegetable korma or West Indian curries. Watch him try this tasty creation and learn that when it comes to Gandhi Roti's spice levels, there's a big difference between medium and hot.

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