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London Has a New Nude Nightclub, Because ‘Clothes Are So 2015'

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Brace yourselves

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Why are Londoners so obsessed with public nudity? First came the nude pop-up restaurant with a mile-long waiting list for reservations; now, apparently encouraged by that success, a naked nightclub is in the works.

Hosted at a Soho club called the Takeover, the aptly named Get Naked goes down every other week beginning October 7 and will be entirely clothing-optional. Naked models will hand out complimentary shots, because clearly this is a situation that calls for copious amounts of alcohol. There will also be hula-hoopists providing entertainment, though it’s not clear what level of undress they’ll be in.

Being naked at a club sounds potentially disastrous, given the very real possibilities of having drinks spilled on you and/or being grinded on by strangers. Alas, as the nude nightclub’s creator says via press release, “clothes are so 2015.” For those who want to appear slightly less-than-naked a body paint artist will be on hand to dab paint on exposed body parts. Perhaps they’ll hand out palm fronds too, for that Adam and Eve look.

Naked restaurants are spreading: The success of London’s clothing-optional pop-up inspired similar concepts in Japan and Australia. The Bunyadi served its last naked meal in London in mid-August, but plans to reopen in Paris this fall.

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