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Watch: Hack Your Stovetop to Be Totally Wok-Ready

Maximize that heat for your next stirfry

This week on You Can Do This!, tips and tricks guru Clifford Endo shares the few easy steps it takes to transform your home stovetop into a wok-ready cone of fire. Watch the video above for a look at how to make the adjustments at home, and follow along with the instructions below.

Wok Burner Bowl

1 five-inch steel metal bowl (or a larger bowl cut to the size of your burner)
¼-inch drill bit
1 drinking glass with a mouth radius the same size at the top of your burner
Tin snips

Flip the bowl so the rim is on the tabletop. Drill 12–16 evenly spaced holes around the bowl about an half-inch from the rim.

Using the cup that matches the size of the top of your burner, draw a guideline at the center on the rounded end of the bowl.

Drill a few holes with the same bit around your guideline; this will make it easier to cut. Then use your tin snips to cut around the line.

Place over burner. Leave the burner complete, do not remove the top disk. Replace your burner grate and start cooking!

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