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When Weed Is Legal, Jack in the Box Will Be Our New Fast Food Overlord

The chain could hit it big with America’s marijuana boom

What’s America going to be like when recreational marijuana use is legalized across the country and we’re all feeling groovy? Apparently, we’ll be eating a lot more Jack in the Box. The fast food chain is poised to be one of the biggest winners as more states decriminalize weed, reports MarketWatch.

Analysts at Wall Street firm Cowen & Co., contributing to a report on weed industry, tabbed the San Diego-based company as one to watch as Americans go to the polls this November. Ballot initiatives to make weed legal will be voted on in five states: Arizona, California, Massachusetts, Maine, and Nevada. With Jack in the Box’s headquarters in California, and with the vast majority of its 2,100 locations found in in the western United States, the chain appears to have the right size and geography to capitalize on the legalization movement.

This may be troubling news to competing companies such as Taco Bell, which has long been a favorite of Americans in need of munchies. But just look at Jack in the Box’s menu. Breakfast platters served all day, burgers, and, yes, tacos: The chain really has something for everyone. Though, Jack in the Box's tacos don't compare well to those from other fast food Tex-Mex joints.

What Jack in the Box lacks in execution, it makes up for by catering directly to those with absurd appetites. The chain offers a selection of appropriately named "Munchie Meals," which includes combos such as the Stacked Grilled Cheese Burger Munchie Meal. That’s comprised of a burger, with grilled cheese sandwiches serving as the buns, two tacos, a side of fries — both curly and regular french — and a beverage. Jack in the Box is here to serve you, stoners.

Cowen & Co. analysts reportedly believe America’s weed industry could be worth $50 billion by 2026, and legalization may spread beyond the West Coast. It looks like Jack in the Box — which also recently trademarked the term "brunchfast," a new meal perfect for late-rising wake-and-bakers? — is ready to ride that wave.

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