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Watch: The Vegetable Orchestra Makes the Freshest Beets

This is what a carrot flute sounds like

The Vegetable Orchestra sounds like something that might be featured on an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba or perhaps Sesame Street, but it is in fact a real thing, consisting of actual adult musicians with actual musical talent.

The Vienna, Austria-based musical troupe was founded 18 years ago, and relies on a bevy of fresh produce to create its entirely organic sound — from carrot flutes and pumpkin drums to pepper horns and a celery guitar. Due to the vegetables' highly perishable nature, the instruments typically only last for one performance and have to be made fresh daily. Some vegetables such as eggplant need only a bit of tweaking to produce farm-fresh musical sounds, while others like celeriac bongos require some heavy-duty power tools.

Appropriately, the leftover scraps from the instrument-building process aren't thrown away, but rather turned into soup which is served to the audience following each performance. Farm-to-table music: It's a thing.

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