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Watch: Making the Thickest, Creamiest Frozen Custard at Home

The secret to the perfect texture is dry nonfat milk powder

We at Eater are not ready to dive into pumpkin spice season quite yet, and would rather summer stuck around a tiny bit longer. Thankfully, our friends at ChefSteps are not just kitchen wizards but enablers as well. This week they present a super simple and failsafe method for making thick, creamy frozen custard at home — the perfect way to celebrate the remaining days of warm weather.

ChefSteps' secrets to creating the icy treat are three-fold. First, incorporating nonfat dry milk powder into the base makes for the creamiest possible custard. Using sous vide to cook the base down avoids every possibility of scorching or overcooking. And finally, using finely crushed dry ice — added just a spoonful at a time — keeps the mix from freezing unevenly or messing with the smooth texture. Watch the video above to see this method at work, and recreate the frosty, creamy magic at home using this recipe from ChefSteps.

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