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Watch Stephen Colbert Moonlight as a Hot Dog Vendor at Wrigley Field

That'll be $6.50, please

As every red-blooded American knows, at least half the motivation to attend a Major League baseball game is to participate in the time-honored pastime of consuming overpriced beer and that most patriotic of meats, the hot dog.

The Late Show's Stephen Colbert went to Wrigley Field to experience firsthand what it's like to sell hot dogs to baseball fans, and apparently it's tougher than it looks: That big metal box is awfully heavy when it's loaded down with dozens of tube meats. Disguised with a wig and a somewhat suspect goatee, Colbert practices his hot dog-throwing technique on the unsuspecting spectators, introduces a Cubs player to a meatier substitute for chewing tobacco, and makes a few friends.

If this whole late-night television thing host doesn't work out for him, perhaps Colbert has a promising future as a weenie-slinger.

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