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Watch: One Last Summer Hurrah with Weckerly's Ice Cream Sandwiches

Featuring seasonal flavors green tomato pie and honey plum

It may be the first day of fall, but it is always ice cream sandwich season at Weckerly's. The Philadelphia-based ice cream company that supplies frozen treats to retailers and restaurants all over the region, Weckerly's was founded in 2012 in the kitchen at Green Line Cafe in West Philadelphia, where pastry chef Jen Satinsky was experimenting with ice cream. She and her husband Andy have since grown the company into what they call a "microcreamery," making each batch from scratch, one at a time, using local and seasonal ingredients — as well as organic cream delivered weekly from Seven Stars Farm in Chester County.

Weckerly's also makes its constantly changing menu of ice cream into geometrically precise sandwiches, featuring unique cookie varieties for each flavor. At a recent visit to its production facility, the Eater team watched the creation of two sandwich types: green tomato pie and honey plum. Watch the video above for a look into the Weckerly's process.

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