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Watch: Running a Ramen Shop Is Grueling Work

Not for the faint of heart

With ramen gaining increasing popularity around the globe, many a diner might think opening a noodle-centric restaurant would be a surefire way to an easy fortune. But, as this video shows, owning a ramen shop is no picnic. In fact, it appears to be non-stop physical work.

A narrator tells the story of Kunimoto, owner of Mengokoro Kunimoto in Tokyo. "What kind of hours does he work?" asks the narrator. "8 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., six days a week." And that work doesn't stop; Kunimoto isn't taking any breaks. He purchases fresh noodles, but everything else is made from scratch. When he isn't cooking, he's cleaning.

Is all of the hard work worth it? Apparently so. Kunimoto says if he had a colleague to share the load, he wouldn't cut back on his work schedule. Instead, he'd open another shop. Watch the above video for the full story.

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