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Marshawn Lynch Launches His Own Line of Candy Bars

The retired running back is now hawking “Beast Mode” chocolates

AP / It’sugar

Marshawn Lynch has traded in his cleats for sweets: The recently retired NFL running back just launched his own line of candy bearing his nickname, “Beast Mode.”

As Seahawks fans know, Lynch is an avowed Skittles fanatic; he was often spotted eating them on the sidelines, and spectators were occasionally known to make it rain rainbow-colored candies onto CenturyLink Field. (He also once dove into a pool of them, Scrooge McDuck-style.)

Apparently he doesn’t discriminate when it comes to candy, though. His new chocolate bars come in three flavors: Chocolate Mint Kookie N' Milk, Chocolate P-Nut Butter Pretzel, and Chocolate S'mores Bar 'N Milk. The line was created in partnership with It’sugar, a chain of candy stores that sells five-pound gummi bears and Donald Trump lollipops, among other things.

Lynch was on Conan last night to promote his new venture, and apparently he’s stepping in to fill the void left by the recent death of Gene Wilder: One lucky audience member got a Beast Mode candy bar under his seat containing a “golden ticket,” redeemable for a trip to the California chocolate factory where the bars are made.

Remember kids: No matter what your parents tell you, athletic greatness can be built on a steady diet of candy and Taco Bell.

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