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Building Beijing’s Favorite Street Food with NYC’s Mr. Bing

A jianbing is a savory, stuffed crepe

A New York City pop-up serving a traditional Beijing street food, Mr. Bing has been a ubiquitous presence at the city's food markets and festivals since it launched in 2015. The stand serves jianbing, scallion- and sesame seed-studded crepes stuffed with eggs and other fillings that are artfully composed on a flat-top grill. Watch the video above for a look into the dish's assembly process.

Mr. Bing founder Brian Goldberg fell in love with jianbing crepes while studying in Beijing. He opened the first Mr. Bing pop-up in New York last year after 14 years abroad with the goal of popularizing the savory dish in the United States. While jianbing is often eaten for breakfast in China, Mr. Bing's versions are substantial enough for lunch or dinner, boasting fillings like Peking duck, barbecue pork, and drunken chicken.

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