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Save Time, Spray Aerosol Tea Directly Into Your Mouth

Seriously. No more teabags

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For those enjoy a spot of tea but find the brewing process to be much too laborious, here's a product called No More Tea Bags. Discharge the aerosol concentrate into your favorite container, add hot water, and you've got a cup of tea without waiting on that pesky teabag to steep.

Or, you could just spray the concentrate directly into your mouth, a la Cheez Whiz. That feels like the more efficient and appropriate option.

Guy Woodall, creator of this low brow-meets-high brow hybrid, tells Reuters the aerosol aspect of the product is what makes it viable. "I started developing it in glass," Woodall says. "The trouble was we had to use chemical preservatives and I didn't want to do that. I realized that ... you could put the tea in [an aerosol can] in a sterile condition and it's completely isolated from the atmosphere."

No More Tea Bags says each aerosol can comes with enough concentrate for 20 cups — or maybe a few big sprays directly into your face? — and that the resulting beverage is "better tasting." Though, some British tea-drinkers with refined palates may disagree.

"It's an interesting, interesting flavor," one consumer tells Reuters. "This is probably more, I think, like an average cup of tea. There will probably be a lot of people who will love this, this flavor and this convenience. But I think as people are demanding more from their tea, I think this market may get smaller."

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