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Watch Anthony Bourdain and POTUS Slurp Noodles Together in Hanoi

The 'Parts Unknown' season premiere airs this Sunday

Season 8 of Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown premieres this Sunday on CNN, and the first featured guest will be none other than the leader of the free world President Barack Obama.

The season premiere takes Bourdain to Hanoi, Vietnam, where he dines with POTUS at a restaurant called Bún Chả Hương Liên. There the duo feasts on the house specialty of bun cha, a classic Vietnamese dish consisting of grilled pork with broth and rice noodles, with Bourdain providing instruction to the President on the best way to eat it. (As he explains, slurping is accepted and even encouraged.)

The pair's meal was captured on film back in May; Bourdain reportedly picked up the tab, which came out to around $6.

Watch Bourdain and Obama slurp noodles together at 9 p.m. PDT/EDT this Sunday; subsequent episodes will feature the globe-trotting host eating spicy Sichuan food with Eric Ripert, attending a quinceañera in Houston, and eating hot chicken in Nashville, among other adventures.

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