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Slurping Down Pho at the Oldest Vietnamese Restaurant in Toronto

Try the Vermicelli Bowl too!

Dining on a Dime host Lucas Peterson continues his culinary tour of Toronto this week in the Ossington neighborhood, at family-owned Pho Rua Vang (Golden Turtle Restaurant) — the oldest pho restaurant in the city.

Pho is a Vietnamese soup often eaten for breakfast, made from flavorful broth, rice noodles, and fresh herbs. Though it originated in the northern part of the country, pho gained popularity all across Vietnam after its partition in the mid-1950s. The dish later traveled to the United States with the many refugees that crossed the Pacific after the Vietnam War, becoming widely available and especially popular on the West Coast. Check out the video above to see Peterson sample a huge bowl of pho from Golden Turtle, as well as a few of the restaurant's other offerings, as he learns about the history of the establishment and the tale behind its name.

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