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Watch: How to Make a Picture-Perfect Burger

Ring molds and eggs required

Labor Day weekend is summer's swan song, and the best way to end the season on a high note is with the best, juiciest, most decadent burgers you've ever had. Just in time for your holiday celebrations, our friends at ChefSteps present a guide to grilling that yields a meal worthy of your last big summer hurrah.

ChefSteps co-founder Grant Crilly suggests getting your beef ground fresh, and coarsely, at your local butcher. He adds one egg for every two pounds of meat and then portions the beef into seven-ounce, or 200-gram, patties — the perfect bulk to achieve both crust on the edges and juiciness inside (for added perfection, use a ring mold to reach Instagram-ready roundness). With a little salt and pepper, your burgers are ready to be cooked: go sous vide, like the ChefSteps team, or throw them straight on the grill, and play summer out in style.

Follow along with the video above, and find the full recipe on, here.

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