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Justin Bieber's Credit Is No Good at Subway

Lucky for him, a fan helped cover the bill

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Celebrities — they're just like us! Well, except for Justin Bieber, whose career has included a number of incidents that are decidedly not civilian at all, like resisting arrest after drag racing through Miami, or abandoning a pet monkey. But even the Biebs was subject to a rare moment of humility this week when his credit card was declined at a Subway restaurant.

The Daily Mail reports the pop star visited a West Hollywood Subway on Thursday while his latest flame, Sofia Richie, waited in the car. After his credit card was "embarrassingly declined," a "generous fan waiting in line recognized Bieber" and offered to pay for his food. (Although, to be fair, it would be more difficult not to recognize as there were apparently "multiple bodyguards arrayed outside the store ... keeping throngs of onlookers at bay.")

A source tells the Daily Mail the order included "a foot-long sandwich, four milk bottles, and some cookies for dessert." But just what was in that sandwich?

Bieber's immaturity suggests a lack of a refined palate, and the Daily Mail has previously published photos of him biting into a sandwich of "sliced turkey and a robust dollop of mayonnaise."

But tastes change and I wouldn't it put it past the Biebs to go for something as over-the-top as he is. In fact, he is kind of the human embodiment of double seafood salad, on white, microwaved (not toasted) with extra mayo — totally slimy, completely unnecessary, yet not without its fans.

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