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The Definitive Oreo Tournament

28 flavors competed but only one prevailed

The Oreo carnage after our 28-seed tourney
The carnage

Yesterday, representatives from Eater and our sister sites SB Nation and the Verge joined forces to decide once and for all which Oreo flavor is objectively the best. Why? Because it was the Thursday before Labor Day.

We collected every Oreo size and flavor we could get our hands on — 28 in total — seeded them from perceived strongest to weakest, and put them in a series of head to head match-ups in an NCAA-style bracketed tournament. Oreos were bitten, twisted, dunked in milk, eaten blindfolded.

The blank Oreo bracket

Yes, there were upsets! Yes some underdogs overthrew some classic heavy hitters in the early rounds! And yes, our four judges Serena, Dan, Sonia, and Rodger slightly lost their minds by the end.

We chronicled the endeavor in two Facebook Live segments (below). Feel free to scroll down to see the final, completed bracket.

The final bracket

Funny how the best Oreo flavor approximates the best Girl Scout cookie flavor.