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Joey Chestnut Reclaims Title as the World's Best Eater of Ribs

Is that something to celebrate?

Eric Thayer/Getty Images

Joey Chestnut's comeback year continues. A couple of months after the professional glutton reclaimed his title at the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest, he's done the same at the Nugget World Rib-Eating Competition. Chestnut packed away a large newborn worth of ribs — 9.6 pounds — in 12 minutes, reports NBC 4 in Sparks, Nevada.

Chestnut wasn't up to his typically dominant standard in 2015. Rival Matt Stonie topped him in both the hot dog and rib contests. This year, though, the world's best eater appears to be back on top of his game. On July 4, he consumed an incredible/disgusting 70 hot dogs, setting a world record.

The nearly 10 pounds of ribs eaten is Chestnut's third-best performance in the competition. In 2008, he consumed 9.8 pounds, and he set the current record of 13.8 pounds in 2013. For his efforts this time around, Chestnut took home $2,500 in prize money. With that purse, he could head up the road to Las Vegas and order nearly 90 racks of St. Louis ribs at Rollin Smoke BBQ.

The 2016 title marks Chestnut's ninth win in the 11-year history of the contest. See the complete list of winners (again, mostly Chestnut) and their total poundage consumed below.

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