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Watch: The Surprisingly Sinister Origins of Gummy Candy

Warning: you might never eat it again

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Gummy bears might seem like innocent creatures that magically morph from a combination of rainbows and sugar, but the reality is much more sinister. At least, according to a recent episode of Over Eten (On Food), a TV show produced by Flemish public broadcaster VRT. In this particular episode, entitled "Gelatine," Belgian filmmaker Alina Kneepkens takes a closer look at how gelatinous gummy candy is made.

The video is at once hypnotic and a little bit grisly, though you can't tell at first glance. Kneepkens did that on purpose, showing the life cycle of candy in reverse: from the moment it hits someone's tongue, moving backward to gelatin's original ingredient, which might be surprising to some. The Huffington Post declares the video enough to turn sugar addicts off gummy bears forever, though it's important to note that gelatin is found in a number of foods aside from gummies (Altoids, for instance, contain gelatin).

According to the video's description on Vimeo, this is one of a series of stories on the makings of sugar, black pudding, lamb burgers, and other foods — all shown in reverse.

Over Eten - De Weg Van Een Snoepje [Vimeo]
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