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Watch: Inside the World of Competitive Latte Art

The competition is fierce

Because everything is made into an organized competition these days, here's a look at what happens when baristas get together to show off their latte art skills. In this video, Andy George of YouTube channel How to Make Everything checks out a competition at Kickapoo Coffee in Milwaukee.

It's cutthroat, to say the least. In this bracketed tournament, head-to-head matchups are decided by the smallest mistakes. "I tried to pour a swan, but it definitely failed; it looked like a peacock," one eliminated competitor says. Heartbreak.

Considering the skill level of the professional baristas, it seems like a bad idea for George, an amateur who has never attempted to make latte art, to enter the contest. But, he does it anyway. The judging isn't kind.

"It was quite possibly the most terrible thing I've ever seen," says one laughing judge.

"This cup is terrible," says another. "That's why he didn't win. He doesn't know what he's doing."

Tough crowd.

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