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Donald Trump Won't Eat Upstairs

Apparently, it's a security concern

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Donald Trump is running for president and trekking through a busy campaign schedule, but he still has time to dine at restaurants located in various properties branded with the Trump name. In his first look at BLT Prime, the new steakhouse found inside Washington, DC's Trump International Hotel, Post critic Tom Sietsema revealed the hotel's namesake has already stopped in for a meal.

Apparently, Trump refuses to eat upstairs at the restaurant, for obvious reasons.

The elephant in the room is the Republican presidential candidate. "Has Mr. Trump eaten here?" I ask my waiter, knowing the place has been open less than 24 hours on Saturday night. "He's been downstairs," the server says, gesturing to the lobby. For security reasons, he adds, the mogul didn't venture higher, out of concern that someone might push him.

So, Donald Trump won't dine on the second floor of BLT Prime because he's afraid someone might push him down the stairs. Does this phobia extend to all restaurants? It isn't clear. America's political journalists need to start asking Trump the tough questions.

This is a peculiar concern, but it is much more rational than Trump loving fast food because "at least you know what they're putting in it."

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